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Zelbrite is an advanced filtration media that out performs the traditional pool filtration mediums of sand and Diatomaceous Earth (DE).
Zelbrite upgrades standard sand filters into high performance water purifier’s that are the lowest maintenance and easiest to use.



Particle size 0.5 – 2mm
Solid density 2.2 – 2.3 g/cc (2200 – 2300 kg/m3
Filtration media bulk density 1.15 g/cc (1150 kg/m3)
Hardness 7 Mohs
Wet attrition test
(Mercer & Ames)
External surface area 20 – 25m2/g
Cation exchange 119 m.eg / 100g
Ammonium ion exchange 104 m.eg / 100g
Molecular channel size 7.9 x 3.5 augstroms
4.4 x 3.0 augstroms

Higher dirt holding capacity and the ability to remove finer particles
than traditional sand and DE filters provides cleaner pool water that is visibly brighter
and clearer and saves water as backwashing requirements are reduced.
Zelbrite performs chemical ion exchange to absorb
ammonia making the pool water safer and more appealing.
Hard grains of Zelbrite ensure that it
remains effective within the filter for over five years.
No modifications are required to standard sand filters to accept
Zelbrite therefore can be used as an upgrade when the sand is replaced.
Zelbrite can be simply recharged by your
local pool shop to keep it performing at it’s best.
Natural “buffering” characteristics of Zelbrite and the resulting
lower use of disinfectants allows a lower use of chemicals of pH control.
Zelbrite lowers the output required from salt water chlorinators
extending the cell plate

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